• Making Compliance, Risk and Security simpler

    IT Security costs constitute between 4-7% in a typical company. GDPR, AML and other compliance projects can run up tens of millions in cost. Getting it right from the start will save money and worries. Based on experience and research, KNOKLE supports clients in the whole cycle.



  • Some assignments

    GDPR - Data privacy

    Preparing organizations for the new European Data protection act

    As project manager and advisor, Knokle supports several clients in various industrial sectors in adapting to upcoming legal requirements on data privacy protection. Read more about Knokles view on GDPR here 

    IT Outsourcing

    Governing a multi-billion SEK outsourcing

    Supporting a large manufacturing client on setting up cost-efficient governance structures for compliance and security in their outsourcing of IT.


    33-list start-up in cybersecurity

    Supporting global sales, investor relations and organizational development in one of the 33 hottest start-ups in Sweden, Foreseeti, in their journey to launch SecuriCAD, a one-of-a-kind, AI based threat intelligence software, sprung from research at the Royal Institute of Technology.

  • Who is behind K N O K L E

    Jacob Henricson

    Jacob is a speaker, consultant and writer with a solid background in managing low-likelihood, high consequence risks. From Global Vice President of IT Security & Compliance at a Fortune 500-corporation to founding partner of start-ups to educational politics. He presently supports organizations as management consultant and does research.

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